Mosquito Tour Buses Campaign

After developing a visual identity for Bydell-Skålp Nordic Tours, I developed a visual identity for a subsidiary tour bus company.

I was assigned a company name and created a logo and color palette. Then, I used this new visual identity in a product marketing sheet. My process is documented below.

Mosquito Tour Buses

Step 1: Logo Ideation

I conducted a visual and competitive audit of other tour bus operator, and made 135 sketches of possible monograms and logos.

Mosquito Tour Buses - Sketches

I then chose several marks to develop digitally.

Mosquito-Tour Buses Logo Development
Mosquito Tour Buses Logo Development

Step 2: Finalizing the Logo

I eventually went with the suitcase design, for its minimalism and its contrast to Bydell-Skålp Nordic Tours’ logo.

Mosquito Tour Buses Logo
Mosquito Tour Buses Logo

Step 3: Product Marketing Sheet

As a tour bus company, Mosquito Tour Buses offers tour packages. I designed a two-sided product marketing sheet to promote an Iceland tour package.

Photo credits: Nicolas J Leclercq and Ross Hughes on Unsplash.

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