School of Motion Projects

In 2023, I completed the “Animation Bootcamp” course offered by the School of Motion. Below is some of my work from the course. Unless noted, boards were provided by the instructor, and any sound effects/narration were provided by the instructor or sourced from royalty-free assets on

Ministry of Eye Control

This project was an exercise in eye trace using a ‘glitchy’ aesthetic. Repeating shapes appearing and disappearing in a line create the illusion of movement, which leads the viewer’s eye across the screen in different ways.

Circle Society

This project was about reinforcing movement, anticipation, and follow-through. I worked on creating smooth, springy movements and transitions. The biggest technical challenge for me was creating the circular logo at the end. It was my first time making something that complicated with shape layers in After Effects, instead of importing boards from Illustrator.


For this project, we were provided with a logo and had to create an animation to go with it. The logo seemed to suggest that “Brainhole” might be some kind of online community with brain games and puzzles. I created brain, chess piece, puzzle, and networking icons to fit this concept and used them in this final animation.

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