Brook Vale Vineyard

Brook Vale Vineyard collateral

Brook Vale Vineyard is located in Northern Neck, Virginia, and sells regional wines. In 2008, two entrepreneurs decided to achieve their dream of owning a vineyard and found land in Brook Vale that was ideal for growing grapes. They now manage Brook Vale Vineyard, which has grown to include a bar, restaurant, courtyard, and gift shop. They also host vineyard tours, wine tastings, and community events. Brook Vale’s wines are lovingly grown, designed, blended, and bottled, and they have won a variety of awards.

For this college project, I designed the logo first. I researched the logos and wine bottle labels of small Virginia vineyards and came up with something unique: a mark that included both a wine bottle and a wine glass in two fluid lines. Then I designed the wine bottle labels, following the legal requirements for the size of type of the government-required text on the back of the label.

The design on the right in the image above is a recipe that pairs well with the wine, which might be handed out at a wine tasting or promotional event.

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